For the love of Leonardo (2012)

Leonardo Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who traveled around the Mediterranean and popularised the Hindu–Arabic numeral system in the Western World. He also introduced to Europe the sequence that bears his name. Unlike my other projects, this collection does not aim at documenting a typology nor decode a pattern. It’s an expression of my fascination with mathematics, numbers, and ratios – and a homage to a historical figure who enriched the cross-cultural scientific exchange between east and west. Coming from a place where street numbers follow a standard design, living abroad made me sensitive to how a small element can bring about a sense of diversity to door fronts.
Naturally, all elements came together in my last year of living in Melbourne. The result was photographing all visually appealing fibonacci numbers from 1 to 55 in Melbourne’s inner-city districts. The numbers were grouped as per their postcode area, forming a final series of 8 Fibonacci spirals from the following postcodes:
3000: Melbourne CBD / 3065: Fitzroy / 3066: Collingwood / 3121: Burnley, Cremorne and Richmond / 3141: South Yarra / 3181: Prahran and Windsor / 3182: St Kilda / 3205: South Melbourne