No Parking: Melbourne (2012)

‘No parking, keep clear, 24-hour access’.. are different ways of delivering the same message. Compared to hydrants and utility signs that I have also photographed, these differ for not marking a location but in delivering a prohibition message instead. As a result, this brings about a different form of visual language that’s liberated from any set of rules or standards, potentially elevating them to become street art or express a specific local identity. This collection might give you a false impression that “no parking” signs look the same all over the world. They don’t only look different but also hold additional layers of prohibition.
For example, in some parts of the Middle East, parking your car where a prohibition sign exist can escalate into a tribal fidelity between the two parties. This in return amplifies the importance of the sign and influences its design. While this might be an extreme example, the sign in other places might respond to some cultural values or urban realities such as privacy, safety, and density.