Spaces of Coexistence (2019)
In line with the Year of Tolerance in 2019, “In Search of Spaces of Coexistence: An Architect's Journey” is a publication commissioned by MCKD to highlight the significance of the places of worship and community meeting points in the UAE. The aim of the publication is to understand and study how users shape architecture, and in turn, how these spaces have affected or shaped the urban fabric of their surroundings. The book takes its root through the UAE Architecture project, which was founded to chronicle and document the heritage of the nation, which will, in turn, contribute to enriching the transforming urban landscape.
Additionally, the book traces two journeys that took place 6-months apart. The first is of the architect and author Azza Aboualam, who conducted site visits to gather on-site research. The second is mine, as the photographer. Beyond objective documentation, we presented detailed and subjective observations of what we have experienced in these spaces. Given a tight 2-month timeframe, a countrywide geographical scope and limited access to most of the 40 buildings, I undertook a reportage approach using a single focal length to evenly document all the spaces; its people and findings “in between”.

Project leads
Dr. AlAmira Reem Al Hashimi
and Professor Adina Hempel

Research assistant
Manal Al Hosani

Book design
Two Thirds Studio